Finally! You can get help with your agent search!

Don't waste another year without a good team in your corner. This is your chance to learn the secret's to nailing your agent search from one of the industry's best. 

Sound Familiar?

Your have the talent, but can't seem to get in the door to get seen.

You're having a hard time getting representation, or don't really know where to start.

You did the work, but no agents/managers seem interested.

You work hard on your career, but want to get to the next level.

You want to learn insider secrets, tips, & strategies to make the most out of your search for representation.

What's Included?

A Weekly Training Video

Weekly Q&A Training

Worksheets, Resources, & Bonuses

What's to Gain?

  • Feel more confident in your search for representation
  • Learn how to develop a better relationship with your reps once you sign.
  • Gain new tools for your career and your agent search to save time
  • Improve your overall marketing, online presence, and business knowledge
  • Get support along your Rep Prep journey.

Topics We Will Be Covering In This Class ...

Mindset About Representation
Prepping Your Materials
Researching Reps
Submitting to Agents & Managers
 Prepping for the Interview
The Meeting & After the Meeting
You Signed ... Now What?!

And we'll also cover other topics like...


How to Attract New Representation ... Even When You Don't Have TV Credits!

How to Become One of Your Reps Favorite Clients

Making Yourself Stand Out From Other Actors


Agent Link List


Agent Social Media List

Behind the Scenes

KARI NISSENA is an Actress, Producer, & Business Coach for Actors with a specialty in Marketing, Actor Actions, & IMDb.  She has taught/coached thousands of actors.  Coaching topics include: IMDb, representation, career strategies, mindset, "Actor Actions", red carpets, marketing, & more!
ACTOR TRANSFORMATION is committed to helping actors find success in their careers by providing education, motivation, and valuable tools & resources within the industry.  If you're committed to having a successful career as an actor, then this is your opportunity to get authentic guidance, training, and support.
Usually $197
*all prices in USD

  • Entire Course
    In-depth video training

  • Weekly Q&A
    Bring all your questions and we'll work through them

  • AND:
  • BONUS: Agent List

  • BONUS: Agent Social Media List

Usually $497
*all prices in USD

  • Entire Course 
    In-depth video training

  • Weekly Q&A
    Bring all your questions and we'll work through them

  • AND:
  • BONUS: Agent List

  • BONUS: Agent Social Media List


     Work with Kari Privately!

     THREE (3) Private one-on-one (60 minute) Phone Coaching Or "Work Hour" sessions.  ($600 Value)

If by the end of the first week, (By March 6th, 2020), you do all the provided homework and you feel that the class is not right for you, you may ask for a refund. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions?  Here are some answers to some of the most commonly asked questions:

  • What if I can't attend the Q & A sessions live?
  • No problem at all.  You can still type in your questions for each week's topics before each Q&A session and all the Q&A sessions will be recorded so you can listen to them later.  And as a founding member of this program, you will also be able to re watch the videos later as well

  • I'm really busy right now. Should I wait to take it next time?
  • No.  Absolutely not.  You definitely do not want to wait.  Since this is the official launch, you will be getting tons of extra coaching (this time only) and you'll also get a chance to ask questions.  Not only that, but if we add a new video or resources in the future, you will have access to it because you are a founding member!  So basically ... by not procrastinating, you save money and get much more personalized training!  Now is the time.

  • What are the VIP private hours?
  • If you you choose the VIP option, Private 1-on-1 hours with Kari can be used in a number of different ways.

    They can be used to get private coaching on your agent search, to work on sensitive career issues, to improve your marketing tools like your resume, IMDb, Actors Access, etc. and More!  "Work Hours" are where we do the work FOR you!  At least the first hour will be a private phone coaching, and in that session we will decide the best path for your remaining hours.

What have I got to lose??!

What people are saying about Kari....

Kari is a wonderful coach. She has helped me so much in my acting career. She has introduced me to aspects for me that as an actor, especially in LA, you need to make a successful career. And she has helped me make a great demo reel.

I Love Kari. She is a great career coach. She understands the business of acting. She is caring. She really wants you to succeed. And she's helped me so much with these very productive sessions. She is always giving me new things to work on and new things to explore and discover. I'm for ever grateful to her for all that she's done for me. I just had a feature film that I was fully prepared for and I booked the role! I am so very grateful to Kari."





I first met Kari at one of her coaching seminars and immediately realized I needed what the "Hollywood Coach" had to offer. Her enthusiasm and undeniable depth of knowledge about the BIZ in LA is immeasurable. If you have just moved to LA like i had when we met, or need help getting motivated, or want new strategies, Kari's your woman! My time spent with her is the bet investmentI've made in my career for years! Her courage and ambition is palpable and you can't help but be affected by it. Oh... most importantly... she is kind and caring and wants you to reach your highest potential and that to me,is the company I want to keep!"





I went to Kari Nissena's class as just another clueless Actor that had only been in L.A. for 2 months. I left Kari's class as an Actor, Producer, Writer and with an invaluable education that puts me leaps and bound above "Veteran Actors. I have been to countless acting classes, workshops, sit-ins and can honestly say that I learned more in a few hours with Kari than I learned in all those other classes COMBINED! I had NO money, actually Negative money in my bank account and still found a way. So grateful I did. Actors should find a way to take her class: IT IS THAT VALUABLE. There is NO other class around that gives you the tools to market and sell yourself like this. She will teach you how to change your entire career.

Since, Kari's class I have booked multiple jobs, had more auditions then I've ever had and have a BIG TIME Manager interested... in me. It isn't all easy: Kari will teach you how to become successful, but YOU have to make the commitment to actually do it. As Kari says, "Throw your hat over the fence". I will be forever grateful for what I learned in her class. I couldn't afford NOT to go, and it was hands down the best decision I've ever made as an actor. Thank you doesn't even begin to describe my gratitude, but I'll say it anyway: Thank you, truly:Thank You!"





The Adventure Begins ...








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